Dip Brazing

Aluminum Dip Brazing is a low cost process and usually requires little or no tooling charges. In the Dip Brazing process the filler metal melts and flows into the all the joints through a capillary action which creates leak proof joints. Brazed joints are unaltered by typical changes in temperature; minimize distortion and resists vibration and shock separation, unlike conventional welded joints. G&Z is capable of working with all grades of aluminum alloys.

Dip Brazing Services G&Z commonly provides:

  • Machining of piece parts
  • Mock up assembly of components prior to braze
  • Coordinate Dip Braze process with NADCAP suppliers
  • Sizing of the Brazement
  • Post-Braze machining operations
  • Coordination of Outside Processes (Chemical Film, Paint)
  • Just-In-Time Delivery of finished product