G&Z was founded in 1958 in Chicago, IL. Our continued growth over the past 50 years is a result the implementation of our Teamwork philosophy and State of the Art technology.

G&Z also provides several "Value Added" services to our prime Defense Contractors and Commercial accounts. Many parts that we manufacture are shipped on a "Dock-to-Stock" program. We have earned the respect of our customers through our extensive quality program, allowing our process to become a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). By removing costly receiving and/or in-process inspections, the customer saves time and money with every delivery. We also have the capability to transfer data files directly to our CAD system for CAM development; plus working with engineering drawings known as Limited Dimensional Drawings (LDD). G&Z also utilizes the most sophisticated, high tech, state of the art solid model software for generating both CNC machine codes and CMM inspection programs.

Our capabilities include designing castings, brazed components and assemblies that satisfy engineering requirements which have resulted in significant cost saving.

G&Z takes pride in its quality and we invite you to visit our facility and meet the persons directly responsible for manufacturing your product.

Through our many years of machining we have utilized a vast array of materials: